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Hey there! I'm Michael Heyman, a software engineer bridging the vibrant worlds of Portugal and Portland, Oregon. With over 5 years of hands-on experience, I've delved deep into the art of crafting microservices and seamlessly hosting them on cloud platforms like AWS and GCP.

My journey in the tech realm has navigated me through the captivating landscape of healthtech, a domain where I've fine-tuned my expertise while actively contributing to impactful projects. What ignites my fervor in this ever-evolving field is not just the pursuit of top-notch code quality, but also an unwavering focus on observability and an unyielding commitment to enhancing developer quality of life. I thrive on crafting well-tested code, embracing TDD principles, and leveraging tools like Cucumber to ensure robustness and reliability in every line.

When I'm not crafting elegant code or exploring new tech projects, you might find me perfecting the art of brewing beer, sharing moments with my cherished family, or playing music.

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